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Diesel and lubricants analysis

We offer you a technical monitoring service of lubricants and fuel analyses, in collaboration with our partner IESPM, privileged laboratory of maintenance services for more than 50 years. Ask for your analytical kit (syringe, flexible, envelope, etc.) and enjoy a full analysis of your product.


Coolant is a heat-transfer fluid used generally in a closed circuit to remove calories from a system that produces more than it can discharge naturally (e.g. strong exothermic reaction).Often, it is water with an additive such as ethylene glycol or propylene glycol to increase the boiling temperature and/or its resistance to frost.

Sometimes, these indispensable additives interfere with the calorific capacity of the fluid. The coolant provides an effective solution to a recurring problem, both in mechanics and electronics: the unwanted creation of heat that can damage the system.


Treatment of oil and diesel tanks.

    Mexaction, a unique treatment solution that works on all diesel fuels to:
  • – Stop the development of bacteria
  • – Clean and emulsify residue
  • – Dissolve sediment and sludge
  • – Maintain cleanliness
  • – Protect against corrosion
  • – Prevent oxidation
  • – Rejuvenate the bottom of the tank
  • – Homogenize the distillate
    At the combustion level to:
  • – Clean installation (pipe, filters, burners)
  • – Reduce emissions (CO2, NOX, etc.)
  • – Limit the pollution
  • – Eliminate all residues
  • – Protect against corrosion
  • – Prevent oxidation
  • – Maximize performance
  • – Reduce consumption
Fuelling filtration solutions: double protection of your engines

We offer a range of solutions consisting of filtration systems for your stationary and mobile storage, and for the protection of your engines and their tank.

The fields of application are broad, buildings and public works, agriculture, transport, marine or river and generators.

Range Filters – Water Separators The first line of defence of your installations and engines

When the fuel passes through the filter - water separator, a chicane system causes a circular movement that allows to separate from the fuel, water particles and suspended solids. These residues are then eliminated by manual or automatic purging of the filter. The filter – water separator does not require any filtration consumables.

    The main advantages for your engines
  • – Motor protection: injectors, pumps...
  • – Avoid water-related failures in fuel
  • – Remove solid or semi-solid contaminants such as sediment, metals, oxidation...
  • – Maintain exhaust emission level in regulatory standard
Range Filtration 0.5 microns For a result 20 times higher than a standard filter

This range of filters removes particles higher than 0.5 microns, thanks to filter cartridges with a lifetime of up to 1200 hours. The filter holder, installed after the constructor filtration system, generates only a very small load loss. Suitable for any type of fuel and any type of equipment, this filtration reduces the fouling of your engines and the risk of failures.

You extend the life of your equipment and reduce your maintenance costs.
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